Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Best Car Insurance Blogs 2018 List

If you want to know more about car insurance related things or when you want to get some insurance news & updates here are my favorite 5 car insurance blogs you should read in 2018. Blogs are a regularly update website or web page. blogs becomes one of the best and easiest way to share anyone's opinion in specific topic for targeted audience.

1. 4 auto insurance

4autoinsurance is one of the best car blog started in 2008. the blog is very professional with easy blog navigation and with perfectly written blog posts. usually they publish minimum 1 post per month. and also they frequently update what they wrote before. 

2. Mercury Blog 
Mercury is a private limited insurance organization founded before 50 years ago. the company has well organized blog related home,rent and vehicle insurances they publish minimum 2 post per a month.


3. Insurance Times 
Insurance times is uk based insurance & finance blog. "IT" is popular than any other blogs listed here. they publish 500+ posts per a month related to insurance.

4. Insurance Journal  
Insurance journal is a perfect insurance news blog focused on property , vehicle and casuality related niches. insurance journal publish minimum 10 articles per month related to their niche

5. Adrian fluxe - car insurance blog 
Like mercury, adrian also popular insurance company and they had best blog of car insurance adrian/blog publishes 4 posts minimum per a month.

Top 5 Car Insurances In United States

Car insurance is one of the most popular & common insurance product for vehicles , cars and motors it primary use it to provide financial protection against physical damage happen in traffic collisions , natural disaster or damaged by objects to the company or individual property so now let's list . 

1. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual was founded in 1912 and it is united states based international property and casuality insurance company. according to 2017 report the company total revenue is 40 Billion $$$ and ranked at 4th place of largest property & casuality insurers of united states.. 

2. Ensurance

Ensurance is an american multi insurance company founded in 2000 and headquartered in san francisco , california. in 2012 ensurance has raised 1 billion $$$. in 2018 ensurance has millions of customers in united states. 


3. State Farm(Best of all)
State farm was founded in 1922 and headquartered in Bloomington , lllinois it is the largest insurance and financial company in united states. it has millions of businesses & individual customers. according to 2017 revenue report the company revenue is 88 billion $$$.

4. The Hartford

The Hartford financial service group is an american insurance and investment company founded and headquartered in hartford  , connecticut on 1810. the company has ranked at 151 in fortune 500 list of 2017 and 12 of largest casuality and property company in united states.

5. Gecio

Government employees insurance or shortly known as Gecio was co founded by Lillian and Leo in 1936. the company headquartered in chevy chase , maryland and now becomes the 2nd largest and most trusted car insurer in United States.

5 Advantages and 5 Disadvantages Of Buying Insurance

As Insurance has a lot of benefits it also had some disadvantages. so now am going to list 5 advantages & disadvantages of buying insurance. Insurance is providing compensation cover for specific damage or loss in return for the payment specified premium.


1. Always Insurances tries to less the compensate to increase their profit..

2. Insurance doesn't support bank facility..

3. Insurances attempt to not give the money away that could collapse at any moment.

4. Insurance take time to pay out the financial compensation..

5. Insurance doesn't have Guarantee for all kinds of damage or losses..


1. Insurance will make you free from income tax & other cash value withdrawal taxes 

2. Helps to reduce inflation and risks.. 
insurance can fully reduce inflation and risks for both companies & individuals especially for new businesses.

3. Encourages save & Permits loan.. 

Permits loan :- The first factor that the creditor considers before accepting or rejecting loan application, is that the applicant has an insurance? to insure that they will get their money if something has happened to the debtor. where as Encourage of saving means is Buying an insurance is starting continues saving but you can't withdraw at time whatever you want. 

4. Operates business smoothly..

5. Economic Protection..

Insurance provide economic protection for their liability , property , business and manys the insurance covers the policyholders cost of legal action against an individual or institution.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Best 5 Insurances For Startup Business In United States

Startups has a lot of ups and downs or even sometimes total failure. basically startups are a newly emerged business formed by entrepreneur or group of entrepreneurs their company has aims to develop a growing business model to solve or meet market place need. biggest companies like google , apple , microsoft and many others were startups once before they become what they are today. so now let's list 5 best insurance for startup businesses.. 

1. Insureon 

Insureon is chicago headquartered insurance agency founded in 2011 in usa. insureon is the ideal insurance specially for small newly emerged businesses that why thousands of businesses are engaged with insureon in this short years. they have best & affordable products for entrepreneurs and business owners

2. Hiscox

Hiscox was co founded by bronek masojada , robert childs and robert hiscox in bermuda on 1901. the company is incorporated & founded in bermuda. hiscox is one of the finest enterprises insurance company especially their cyber insurance product makes hiscox better than any insurances i recommend hiscox for both startups & well doing company.


3. Aig

Aig was founded in 1919 and headquartered in NYC as an American insurance group then later short to Aig. they are so much popular for their best products for businesses especially their officer and director liability insurance is better than any companies.

4. Next 

Next has a great general liability insurance product alongside with many affordable & best products. the company was founded in 2005 and now becomes the best insurance company for small business and startups.

5. Simply business 

Simply business insured has best first party property and employment liability insurance product that why i put it here. Like next insurance simply business insurance founded in 2005 in United Kingdom . 

5 Tips To Become Business Insurance Broker

insurance broker is a sells man of an insurance it can be either company or professional individual that sells insurance policy for compensation to different business & individuals. Insurance brokers are experts in risk management and insurance they guide their customers depending on their interest. now let's list 5 things you have to do to become better business insurance broker.

1. Get Undergraduate Degree

Having undergraduate degree will increase your chances of getting hire. but it is not must have criteria you can watch tutorials , buy books and study until you will have knowledge that every professional insurance broker must have.

2. Take Work Trial For Few Months
After you acquire undergraduate or having good knowledge of insurance & business the second thing you have to do should be taking boot camp for at least 4 up to 6 months. why? because still you just have theory of what you studied but after you get in to internship you will learn more that books can't and also you will have work experience.


3. Secure broker License

The 3rd is to secure a broker license from state that you are planning to work on.
Note: Each license are different from state to state and insurances to insurance.

4. Apply For Job

You have come to the last point of becoming professional business insurance broker. just look for a job. you can do it online and apply for the job once your application getting approved you will start your job as fast as possible.

5. Obtain Competence Certification

After working a few months in the job and getting enough experience in insurance have exam and get certificates like CISR , CIC and CRM. 
Note: Some of certificates may require a year of experience and high quality education

Best 5 Personal Insurances in United States

Personal insurance becomes essential at this time, millions of americans have personal insurance for them & their families. i personally recommend you to have Personal Insurance because non- of us know what tomorrow brings. Personal Insurance is a major type of insurance that provides financial security to policyholders & to their families like disablement , death , injury and e.t.c

1. Anthem Insurance
Anthem was founded in 1940. now the company has loved by over 4 million families in north america for further you can you can read all about their pricing,coverage & more things here. anthem also know as WellPoint inc and it's one of the most popular american insurance company.

2. Cigna Insurance

Cigna is Usa based heath , accident and life insurance founded in 1752 the company headquartered in bloomfield , usa. if you want best & cheap health or life related insurance personally cigna is the best one.


3. Humana Insurance (Best of all)
According to 2013 statics the company annual revenue is 5 billion USD. in 2018 humana becomes the third largest health insurance company in USA and ranked of 56 of 500 fortune list of 2018. Humana is an american profit insurance company headquartered in Louisville , Kentucky. now humana has over 13 million customers in united-states.

4. Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
BCBS Provides best insurance for over 100 million americans. the company raised 457 billion usd in 2014. BCBS was founded in 1929 since then bcbs is the giant of personal insurances in USA and as well as in the world. 

5. Aig Insurance
The company is headquartered in NYC. according to 2017 report aig worth 61 billion $$. AIG is shorten from American International Group and it is one of the largest public company in the world that operates in more than 80 countries focused in life,retirement & general insurances. 

Monday, November 26, 2018

10 Most Expensive Cars in 2018 To Insure

10. GS 350 four-door 2WD - LEXUS
Price of Retail : $46.320 | Amount of Collision Paid Annually : 706
Type of Property : Large Luxury | Average Insurance Paid Annually : $1.29 Mil

9. 4 Series Two Door 2WD - BMW

Price of Retail : $43.400 | Amount of Collision Paid Annually : 660
Type of Property : Midsize Luxury | Average Insurance Paid Annually : $1.3 Mil

8. A7 four-door 4WD - AUDI
Price of Retail : $69.720 | Amount of Collision Paid Annually : 830.80
Type of Property : Large Luxury | Average Insurance Paid Annually : $1.32 Mil

7. Dodge Challenger 

Price of Retail : $27.296 | Amount of Collision Paid Annually : 627.91
Type of Property : Large Two Door | Average Insurance Paid Annually : $1.34 Mil

6. Kia Optimal Hybrid 

Price of Retail : $25.996 | Amount of Collision Paid Annually : $594
Type of Property : Midsize four door | Average Insurance Paid Annually : $1.36 Mil


5. Dodge Charger 2wd
Price of Retail : $30.000 | Amount of Collision Paid Annually : $569.50
Type of Property : Large Four Door | Average Insurance Paid Annually : $1.38 Mil

4. Scion Fr-s

Price of Retail : $25.307 | Amount of Collision Paid Annually : $752.80
Type of Property : Small Two Door | Average Insurance Paid Annually : $1.4 Mil

3. Mitsubishi Lancer 2wd

Price of Retail : $17.795 | Amount of Collision Paid Annually : $561
Type of Property : Small Four Door | Average Insurance Paid Annually : $1.4.5 Mil

2. Benz s Class Four-Door Leb 2wd - 

Price of Retail : $89.900 | Amount of Collision Paid Annually : $804
Type of Property : Large Luxury | Average Insurance Paid Annually : $1.5 Mil

1. S Model Four-Door Electric 4wd - 

Price of Retail : $74.610 | Amount of Collision Paid Annually : $1.4 Mil
Type of Property : Large Luxury | Average Insurance Paid Annually : $1.7 Mil