Monday, November 26, 2018

4 Wealthiest Insurance Agents in World

Insurance agent is someone who negotiates and convinces targeted customers depending on their interest and then sell insurance policies to different individuals & businesses. insurance agents some times called insurance brokers but they have some difference in there job. so now let's list 6 highly skilled ,wealthiest and famous insurance agents in the world.

1. Mr. Rajesh Satoskar 

He is still active in his carrier he has over 2000 valued customers in asia and now he become the famous indian insurance consultant & agent in his 50's. Rajesh delivered speak in international forum of Texas,USA for MDRT-TOT Conference this makes him the first indian to have speak in the MDRT conference.


2. Mr. Peter Rosengard

Peter is one of the most successful insurance agent in the word. in 1990 peter solds the most expensive life insurance of all time for 100 million. and still this transaction has registered in world ginus book. he is 71 years old american author and professional insurance consultant.

3. Mr. Gideon Du Plessis

Gideondu-plessis has received several awards for his work life unbalance hard works and creativity like: Annual International Honor Roll and The Eastern cape Business man of the year and many others. he is an american insurance agent , adviser & broker.

4. Mr. Frank Friedland (Died in 2016)

Frank friendland was born in 1942 Virginia, United States after he spend 45 years in his carrier and frank received several awards for his hard & smart work.

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