Sunday, November 25, 2018

5 Countries With Best Socialized Healthcare

Most developed countries support socialized healthcare and most countries in the world provides socialized healthcare for their citizens. Socialized healthcare or Universal Healthcare is a free medical coverage system by government of country to citizens. so today am going to reveal 5 best countries with best socialized healthcare system.

1. Luxembourg (Best of all)
Luxembourg is a country located in europe. most parts of luxembourg are rural with beautiful rivers , nature parks and forests the country capital is luxembourg city. luxembourg has ranked in 2nd place of world richest countries. with 62 billion gdp and 600k population. they had life expectancy above 80.

2. Sweden
Sweden ranked 15 of world richest countries with $500 billion GDP and population of 10 million. The scandinavian nation with beautiful coastal islands , inland lakes , forest & mountains makes them the best country in the world to live in alongside with their best socialized healthcare system


3. United Kingdom
UK ranked 23 of world most richest countries with $2.4 trillion GDP and population of 62 million. UK-N-H-S provides coverages to Different medical coasts of citizens. United kingdom is an association of  Scotland , England , Wales and Northern ireland. 

4. Australia
AU has the best medical system in the world AU citizens get best treatment and full medical coverage. Australia has ranked 10 of richest countries in the world with $1.3 Trillion GDP and population of 22 million. 

5. Netherlands 
netherlands has the best universal healthcare system in the world. the capital city is Amsterdam. netherland is ranked 14th in richest countries in the world with $800 billion GDP and population of 17 million. 

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