Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Best 5 Personal Insurances in United States

Personal insurance becomes essential at this time, millions of americans have personal insurance for them & their families. i personally recommend you to have Personal Insurance because non- of us know what tomorrow brings. Personal Insurance is a major type of insurance that provides financial security to policyholders & to their families like disablement , death , injury and e.t.c

1. Anthem Insurance
Anthem was founded in 1940. now the company has loved by over 4 million families in north america for further you can you can read all about their pricing,coverage & more things here. anthem also know as WellPoint inc and it's one of the most popular american insurance company.

2. Cigna Insurance

Cigna is Usa based heath , accident and life insurance founded in 1752 the company headquartered in bloomfield , usa. if you want best & cheap health or life related insurance personally cigna is the best one.


3. Humana Insurance (Best of all)
According to 2013 statics the company annual revenue is 5 billion USD. in 2018 humana becomes the third largest health insurance company in USA and ranked of 56 of 500 fortune list of 2018. Humana is an american profit insurance company headquartered in Louisville , Kentucky. now humana has over 13 million customers in united-states.

4. Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
BCBS Provides best insurance for over 100 million americans. the company raised 457 billion usd in 2014. BCBS was founded in 1929 since then bcbs is the giant of personal insurances in USA and as well as in the world. 

5. Aig Insurance
The company is headquartered in NYC. according to 2017 report aig worth 61 billion $$. AIG is shorten from American International Group and it is one of the largest public company in the world that operates in more than 80 countries focused in life,retirement & general insurances. 

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